This Will Change The Way You Use Perfume, Forever!

When we think of perfume, our mind wanders to the streets of Paris with Coco Chanel and her signature Chanel No.5… But before you get carried away, picturing yourself strutting down the Champs-Élysées, we’re here to tell you: you’ve got your location all wrong! The heart of fragrance is actually in the Middle East, more specifically in Ancient Egypt. Initially, fragrance wasn’t used to make you feel sexy or entice your crush, it was used for religious and sacrificial ceremonies, as a status of power and as a sign of wealth

The History Of Fragrance

The Ancient Egyptians have been making perfume as far back as 3,000 BC, and it was originally used by religious figures, who used certain scents to conceal the smell of dead sacrifices – gross we know! They also believed that burning incense brought them closer to the Gods, so to please the gods and to warn off the God of the Underworld, they would burn scent of sweet rush, wine, and juniper.

According to ancient legend, Cleopatra had the sails of her boat soaked in sweet smelling essential oils, so that Mark Antony would be overwhelmed by her scent before even laying eyes on her – girl knew how to play the game! If you’re looking for a sexy scent, check out these fragrances that turn men on ..All we’re saying is if one of the most iconic, seductive, and powerful women in history used fragrance to her advantage, it probably works.

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