Choosing the right waxing for your skin.

physical waxing

Which are the most common methods and chemistry methods that is destruction of the stem stacked by procedures by the use of depilatory , thermochemical cosms which is to extract the hair using until its total elimination ejm; hot, warm wax.


the laser is based on the application of a beam of light to a small group of hair follicle
this treatment is more effective on light skin with dark hair.

photodepilacy pulsed light

in this treatment ipl (light pulse intensity) this system can be adapted to a lot of skin phototype thanks to its variable wavelength so it can be valid treatment is more for dark hairs as blonde, but it will be more effective the lower the Phototype.
this is slower but it’s more adaptable more skin types and hair.

electric hair removal

this consists of the destruction of the area of the hair follicle where the germ cells are located, in order to prevent a new hair from growing.

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