How does you care for your skin

Great skin is the ultimate . I invest so much into my skin because I know how long it took to get it to this point. Hydrated, clear skin not only makes me feel more confident without makeup, but it makes my makeup look so much more flawless. I require less product, resulting in that ‘natural beauty’ look we all desire.

Skincare in your Teens

When you’re a teenager your body is going through some major changes, and as your hormones fluctuate, it can wreak havoc on your skin. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing using products that are catered to your skin type is crucial. It’s also important to remember that your skin type is unique, so the products your BFF uses won’t necessarily work for you

Our Top Tips: 

1. Cleanse: During your teens, your hormones trigger your skin to produce more oil, which causes your pores to enlarge and breakouts to be more common. Dr. Timm Golueke believes “as a teenager, the most important skincare step is cleansing.” Cleansing properly will help remove excess oil and other impurities, and Dr. Timm Golueke advises looking for “anti-bacterial soaps, anti-bacterial creams, and oil-free moisturizers.”

2. Exfoliate: Dr. Jessica Wu also adds that when your hormones surge, your pores are more likely to clog, so you should “keep your skin exfoliated.” Dr. Wu suggests looking for “clay containing products which have natural antiseptic and astringent properties,”and recomends foaming clay cleanser £14.99 her teen patients. Chemical exfoliators containing AHAs and salicyacid are also a great way to clean deep into your pores and help keep blackheads at bay, just avoid exfoliating more than two or three times a week or you could end up over-exfolianting and potentially damaging your skin.

3. Protect: Dr. Timm Golueke says he always tells his teen patients “to use SPF because often when a pimple is healing and it’s exposed to the sun, it will leave hyperpigmentation.”

Ingredients to look for: Clay to extract oil ,(check out our fav drugstore clay masks)Benzoyl Peroxide, which is proven to help break-outs, salicylic acid and AHAs, which clean deep into pores, and tea tree oil and witch hazel, which are naturally antibacterial.

Price ,£10.99

Things to avoid: Food-wise, avoid cow’s milk, and rich and heavy creams (dairy) to help with hormonal breakouts.

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